Now Through Labor Day, the debut novella by Kayli Schaaf and Gray Duck Press

Annie Jenkins doesn’t believe in a power larger than herself, but the Minnesota State Fair won’t let her stay away. Through craft beers and Pronto Pups and a flowering onion or two, she reconnects with some of the most important people in her life at a time she needs them the most.

Read the first chapter here for free! (Hover over this text to download the PDF file.)

The debut novella by Kayli Schaaf, Now Through Labor Day is a State Fair-themed novella that was a recent finalist in the StarTribune’s Summer Serial series. It is now available as an e-book via the following major retailers; the first 15 percent of the book is free, and the full book is under $3.00. For the print-inclined reader, softcover copies will be released shortly.

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